Qbserve (“cube-serve”) keeps track of what you do on your Mac and provides constant feedback on your productivity. This way you can stay focused and develop better habits.

It automatically tracks work hours and can generate invoices based on the collected data. No need to remember to start and stop time tracking.

Website: https://qotoqot.com/qbserve/
News: @QotoQot and @Qbserve

Key features

  • detects productivity of sites and apps automatically
  • shows live feedback on user's performance in the menu bar
  • sends notifications on reaching goals or spending too much time on distractions
  • tracks projects automatically, no need to manually start and stop tasks
  • generates invoices for projects
  • uses unique macOS capabilities
    • tracks projects based on opened web pages and documents
    • tracks Slack teams, Skype chats, and YouTube videos separately
    • can detect and ignore private tabs in browsers
  • supports most of popular Mac apps for automatic project tracking
  • shows collected data in different ways – summaries, journals, charts
  • exports data in CSV and JSON
  • stores tracked data locally
  • costs less than competitors (no subscription)


$40 one-time purchase (student discount available).
The license is good for up to 5 Macs for individual and family use; one license per Mac for business use.
Available only via direct purchase because of the Mac App Store sandboxing restrictions.


Qbserve combines both productivity and work time tracking while the competitors usually do only one thing. It works best for freelancers who work on a single Mac and don’t need to sync data across devices or team management features. Also the local data storage is important for privacy-minded persons who don’t like to send sensitive computer usage history somewhere.

Qbserve RescueTime Toggl, Timecamp, Timely, Harvest Timing 2
Automatic project tracking No project tracking Manual start/stop project tracking Automatic project tracking
Real-time productivity feedback in the menu bar and dock icons Delayed productivity reports on their site No productivity tracking Real-time productivity feedback inside the app
Generates invoices No invoicing Generate invoices or use integrations No invoicing
One-time $40 license fee Subscription: $72 per year, limited free Subscription: from $54 to $150 per year, limited free Upgrades: from $29 to $79 per year
Stores data locally, on Mac Sends data to their servers Send data to their servers Stores data locally, on Mac
No features for teams No features for teams Team management No features for teams
No iOS app iOS app but no tracking Have iOS apps No iOS app



Ivan Mir
[click to show email]
+56 9 5129 7016


QotoQot (“kōtōkót”) is a small team based in Valdivia, Chile who develop tools for productivity, time management, and learning. Our goal is creating straightforward and helpful software.

The company was founded by Ivan and Irina Mir in 2014 when we decided to leave game development after 5 years. All of our projects are bootstrapped, funded from freelancing and stock illustrations.

After almost 8 years of working from home, we firmly believe in remote work. Originally from Eastern Europe, we decided to settle down in a region near Patagonia that is far from all big tech hubs. But in our opinion, location should not be a barrier to developing tech products to help people live better lives.


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