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ConjuGato will help you to master the hardest part of the Spanish language – verb conjugations. Try it for free and get fluent faster!

Easy Practicing

With ConjuGato you don't need to type the answers – just think or say the correct verb and tap to check yourself (but you can also enable typing in the settings).

Spanish verb practice

Mnemonic Flashcards

Many Spanish verbs sound similar and can easily be mixed up. ConjuGato’s flashcards show them together as rhymes for easy remembering.

Conjugation flashcards

1000 Verbs

The app includes the most used Spanish verbs, and there’s a conjugation cheat sheet for each of them.

Spanish verb practice

Flexible Settings

Adjust tenses, endings, irregularity, and the usage of ‘voseo’, according to your learning goals.

Grammar and app settings

Get the app and master Spanish conjugations!