Automatic Private Time Tracking
Mac desktop with Qbserve time management software
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Track time with comfort
  • Qbserve detects activities automatically with an ever‑expanding database (over 7,300 sites, apps and games).
  • Away from the keyboard or watching a movie? Idle time is detected intelligently.
  • Find out how your productivity changes over time.
Separate work from fun
  • Track visited sites in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers.
  • Differentiate between productive and distracting chats in Skype, teams in Slack, YouTube videos and subreddits.
  • Assign windows of a single app to different categories and create custom categories for your specific needs.
Be independent
  • All the tracked information is stored locally on your machine. Enjoy privacy.
  • Pause tracking whenever you want, or choose to ignore any activities. You are in complete control.
  • One-time affordable purchase – no subscription fees. The app is yours forever.

See the accurate picture

Check your top activities and overall productivity by time frame.

Compare your performance between days, weeks and months.

Night owl or morning person? Set the day start to your wake-up time.

Track only the days and hours you want.

Dashboard with charts based on logged hours
Mac desktop notification, animated dock icon, and menu bar status

Stay focused

Get instant feedback from a dynamically colored dock icon or menu bar status. Or both!

Set alerts to tell you when you are reaching your goals or spending too much time on distractions.

Create reminders for your repeating activities, like taking breaks, stretching or being mindful.

Organize activities

View time spent by category, application or productivity type within any time period.

Easily categorize activities that are not recognized by Qbserve automatically.

Adjust settings for activities and categories to get a more accurate picture.

Detailed table of tracked tools, domains, and chats