Exporting Timesheets and Totals

Qbserve can export your logged time in the following modes:

  • Totals by hour: Productive, neutral, distracting, and project durations, similar to the Summary section in the Timesheet tab (CSV only)
  • Totals by activity: Activities ranked by their total duration, similar to what you can see in the Details tab (CSV, JSON)
  • Timesheet: A detailed log of switching between activities, similar to the Timeline or Journal sections in the Timesheet tab (JSON only)

You can set up the export in a scheduled way so that it happens automatically. It can be useful for processing the exported results with another application or a script. The scheduled export doesn't have a period selection because it exports only the last interval.

Timesheet export UI


CSV is a spreadsheet file type similar to Microsoft Excel's XLS but without formatting.

In the "Totals by hour" mode, the resulting spreadsheet has a row for each hour of each exported day. You can see durations in minutes for different productivity types and active projects.

In the "Totals by activity" mode, the spreadsheet has a row for each activity, with total time inside the period you selected during exporting.


For Totals mode, JSON is organized in the following way:

  • productive_duration: Sum of all productive activities
  • neutral_duration: Sum of all neutral activities
  • distracting_duration: Sum of all distracting activities
  • activity_top: Each activity name, app name, total duration, and category ID
  • category_top: Each category ID, name, total duration, and productivity score

When exporting in the Timesheet mode, the structure is similar to how Qbserve itself stores time logs:

  • log: An array of records referring to activities and projects; start time is Unix time, and duration is in seconds
  • activities: Activities by their IDs, referring to their parent apps and categories
  • apps: Apps by their IDs, referring to categories (activity and its app can have different categories)
  • categories and projects: By their IDs

Both modes include an info object:

  • mac_name: You can enter any readable name for your Mac
  • mac_id_hash: Unique ID generated from your Mac hardware ID
  • start_time: Start of the exported range
  • end_time: End of the exported range