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Automatic Time Tracker for Mac

Every one of us would like to spend less time on distractions. Qbserve can help.

It keeps track of what you do on your Mac and provides constant feedback on your productivity. This way you can stay focused and develop better habits.

It automatically tracks work hours and can generate invoices based on the collected data. No need to remember to start and stop time tracking.

Try it and make more use of your time!

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Accurate time monitoring

Qbserve integrates with macOS to provide you with:

  • Automatic productivity analysis for over 8,100 sites, apps and games.
  • Project tracking based on opened web pages, documents, and window titles.
  • Individual logging of Slack teams and YouTube videos.
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Reports & timesheets

See how you spend your time and improve your workflow with:

  • Detailed productivity reports for days, weeks, and months.
  • Timesheets with activity summary, timeline, and notes for each hour.
  • Invoice generation in 18 languages and data export to JSON & CSV.
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Privacy & affordability

Your privacy and budget are important to us:

  • All tracked data is stored locally on your Mac and never sent anywhere.
  • There are options to ignore private browser tabs or pause tracking.
  • No subscription required. Qbserve costs less than most other time management software charges for a single year.

Effortless to use and incredibly informative. Qbserve provides me with an easy way to track my activities while on my computer.
Thomas M.

I use Qbserve to help me stay highly productive when I'm working remotely. It is the first time tracking tool that actually works for me.
Daryl Z.

It was the perfect tool to help me keep track of my daily browsing habits and finding other productivity killers.
Christian B.

Qbserve has become an important part of my workflow. It's incredibly quick to set up and very easy to use.
Daniel W.

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Automatic project time tracking

Qbserve makes time tracking for freelancers easier by determining billable time based on opened documents and web pages.

1. Setup project rules

Create rules to tell Qbserve when to track time for a specific project. Qbserve will only track time for a project when it detects a document path or browser address that contains a specific string (like a project name) that you have set up.

Rules flowchart

2. Track work hours automatically

Qbserve detects document paths in most of Mac apps. It also detects web page addresses in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and some other browsers. Qbserve uses the rules you have personally set up for it to track time for projects.

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3. Adjust collected data

At the end of the work day you can assign undetected time inside the timesheets in less than a minute. Undetected screen time is generated from sites and tools where the rules you’ve created for Qbserve cannot be applied.

Project time management UI

4. Create detailed invoices

Invoice items are created automatically from recorded time and you can customize them. Qbserve has many flexible billing settings to fit your needs and 18 invoice languages to choose from.

Invoice generator and generated invoice

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Flexible time management

Qbserve is built specifically for macOS and uses the operating system’s features to provide the most accurate time logging experience for Mac users.

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Browser integration

Qbserve logs the sites you visit and can be instructed to ignore private tabs. It detects sites in Chrome and Safari and you can install extensions for site tracking in Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera and Yandex Browser.

Qbserve also tracks YouTube videos and Reddit subs separately, so you can categorize them as productive if necessary.

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Idle time is detected intelligently. Tracking will stay active when you're using applications and sites from the "Videos & TV" category. Qbserve also suggests to enter your time manually when you return to your Mac.

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Data export

Collected data can be exported to JSON and CSV formats. Exports can be scheduled to repeat automatically at a specified time interval. See "Exporting Timesheets" for more details.

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Team tracking

Qbserve logs time spent in Slack teams so you can get accurate time reports whether you’re talking with friends or work colleagues.

Try it for free and see where your time goes!