Qbserve FAQ

What version of Mac OS X (macOS) do I need?

Any version starting from Yosemite (10.10) is good.

Can I buy Qbserve from the Mac App Store?

Sorry, it's not available there because apps from the Mac App Store are limited in the functionality that is required to track time.

How do I upgrade from the trial version to the full version?

Click the tab with a key icon in the top right corner of the app window. Enter the email and the license key you've used for the purchase (it should be in your inbox).

Can I use my license on multiple Mac machines?

For personal use you can share your license on five machines that belong to you or your family members.

For business use, please purchase one license per user.

Do you have a student discount?

Yes, please contact us.

What does the percent number in my menu bar mean?

Your productive time score for the day. It's zero at the start of each day.

How to move tracked data to another Mac?

Go to the ~/Library folder (see here how to find it), then the Application Support folder, then the Qbserve folder and copy UserDatabase.sqlite to the same folder on another Mac.

Is it possible to track time for my clients/projects separately?

Not yet but we're working on this!

Why sites are not tracked in Firefox?

Qbserve requires this extension to track sites in Firefox. Please check if it's installed.

What is the "Show windows as activities" checkmark for?

By default, all windows are hidden inside the app and you can see them by selecting the app in the Details table and pressing the "View windows" button. But if you'd like to see detailed time reports for each window in this table and dashboard, then set this option on.

What is the "Day Start"?

Qbserve shows reports for your "real" days instead of switching the day at midnight. So "Day Start" is the time when you're usually asleep, 05:00 in the morning by default.

Does Qbserve support syncronization between multiple Macs via iCloud or Dropbox?

Not yet, sorry.

Qbserve doesn't work for Telegram for me

Please check if you are using the client for OS X, not the cross-platform one. The cross-platform version does not use native Mac UI, so Qbserve can't reach your chat names.

How exactly does Qbserve work?

Qbserve uses the OS X accessibility API to see your top window, and then looks inside it. Then it checks the information against a local database of known domains and apps to determine the productivity of this window. That's why Qbserve asks you to enable accessibility access on start.

Is Qbserve really private?

Absolutely. Qbserve reports anonymized OS X version, language, number of days since installation, and crash logs. It's feedback required for future app development and localizations.

There's also a checkmark to anonymously submit categorized domains or app bundle IDs, so we can add them to the app database in future releases. But don't worry – we check each domain and your private domains will never get there. You can opt-out from these submissions completely in the app settings (just uncheck "Allow sending categories to developers").

So we collect some anonymous generic statistics but there's no way we can see your tracking history or identify you. It's all stored on your Mac and never leaves your computer.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

How do I uninstall Qbserve?

Find it in your Applications folder and then move it to the Trash.

To delete all the tracked history, go to the Library folder (see here how to find it), then the Application Support folder, then the Qbserve folder and move UserDatabase.sqlite to the Trash.

To remove your settings go to the Library folder, then the Preferences folder and move com.QotoQot.Qbserve.plist to the Trash.

Do you have other questions or suggestions? Please contact us!